COVID-19 – Update to our Broker Panel

COVID-19 – Update to our Broker Panel





Dear Broker

 As we endeavour to make sense of the extraordinary business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would firstly like to wish you and your family good health and strength over the coming weeks.

 We have tested our remote working capabilities, and now that our offices are closed, we are pleased to confirm, that we are continuing to operate business as usual. Our staff are fully committed to providing you with the same high levels of service as before, albeit remotely.

 Please continue to contact us by email or by phone. Where possible, please direct any queries/instructions to us by email in the first instance, to allow us to process these effectively, in the event of phoneline congestion/disruption during this period. We will continue to support you in any way we can and will ensure to communicate and update you throughout this time of uncertainty.


To get in touch, please email us at




Best regards


Tony Wright

Chief Executive Officer